Puppet Animation / Toon Boom Harmony Completed/ Rigging Character 

2min20sec,Color,16:9,City Story,  Boy, Pigeon, Old Man, Friendship


“Pigeon” is a comedic short film. The story focuses on a little boy who fears pigeons and building the friendship with an old man who helps him in San Francisco park. For me, I like the pigeon, the city wind, the warm hearts between people. This make me feel not alone in a new city. In my animation, these things could make two strangers make a friend. I want to use this relax animation to express character animation knowledge and Puppet rigging animation skill.  Also, I think it is an important step for me to the memorial the lovely San Francisco where I had lived for three years.

Character Design

Character Design
Character Design
Character Design
Tim Model Sheet
Papa Model Sheet
Papa Facial Expression
Tim Facial Expression
Pigeon Texture Test
Character Design
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Layout Design

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